Anime Watching: Tiny odd moment to just put out there…

Anyone have that moment when they started giving advice to anime characters? Like, you’re just sitting there, six hours of ‘wasted’ time has gone past as you watched an entire first season and are starting on the second, and a new character comes on the screen and you’re just like “dude. No. don’t trust him/her- what did I just say??” and then five episodes later they get betrayed and you’re just like. -_- *heavy sarcasim* Wow, didn’t see that one coming since episode 1. 

Or, another character touches the main character and your like- THEY ARE A PERVERT, RUN YOU FOOL- and bam! they get all horny and push the mc to the ground before you’re whipped with panty/boobies shots that defy laws of anatomy. Yeah… I think I’m almost constantly in that moment by at least episode four in most of the animes I’ve seen since this last friday…

sorry for bad grammar and spelling, I’m to lazy to correct myself. Done ranting/whatever this post was… I’m going to bed… 

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