HEY! Where are we???

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay in this post. Things have been messy the last two weeks and I finally had a chance to sit down and write to you all.

Right now, we at @theanimeview have been having a bit of a hectic time with recording videos. It’s a thing I, Peggy, have been really pushing for and excited about that is costing us on writing time and planning… Sorry.

While everyone is working hard, we hope to be back to our regularly scheduled posting soon but we could be delayed for a while as we’re nowhere close to meeting the February episode deadline (augh) and I’ll be pulling away a bit to focus on my studies and submitting to journals (more on that if you follow my personal account here on Tumblr).

Casea (@madamekrow) is still writing her posts so those will be coming monthly as planned (for now), but is also moving~ CONGRATS, Girl!!

Jenna (@jkmorgan-media) is working hard on videos and her internship (WOOT WOOT!!)

So, in all–we’ll be inconsistent for a bit longer.

I’ll try to keep up with posting weekly throughout this time though, but I don’t think once a week is very manageable for me while writing academic papers for submissions and working. I WILL TRY, but–as you can see–I’m falling behind already.

Thanks for sticking with us regardless and we’ll be back soon!!


OH, also–is anyone else loving the start to the new Who Made Me A Princess season because OMG I AM SO EXCITED!! I think my next post will be on WMMAP… we’ll see…

See you all soon with a new post–


Peggy @peggyseditorial

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