Blog Update – April & May 2022

Hello, Everyone!

This is a quick update post for The Anime View: I–Peggy Wood–will be taking a step away from The Anime View for much of April and May (2022). This doesn’t mean very much to our overall publishing schedule as all of my posts have been pre-written and set to go up, as per usual, Saturdays at 10 AM. However, it does mean that most of my work will be short-form content for the next two months as I had to rush myself in writing as much content as possible over the course of a few days. This also means that I will not be editing for the other members of the team much, if at all, during the two-month period. I plan to return to my regular work here on The Anime View at the end of May, heading into the Summer.

To be honest with you all, I feel a lot of anxiety stepping away. The Anime View is like a digital home to me; it’s my passion and a place of consistent joy. Unfortunately, I have to step away for a short while to focus on personal issues going on at home and to focus on my health. I also want to spend more time on school as we enter the second half of the semester following Spring Break–which just ended for me. Thankfully, I am sure Casea and Beata are up to the task of taking care of TAV without me for the next two months! (And, I’ll still check-in, of course. 😁)

I deeply appreciate them both for taking on TAV in my absence. Also, I want to thank you all for sticking with us during this transitional time as we move around on WordPress and try to learn the best way to keep our Tumblr going as cleanly as the WordPress posts are becoming. I hope that you all will continue to enjoy our work in my absence and that this notice finds you all well.

I wish everyone a great rest of the Spring season, and I hope you will give my teammates a lot of support in the next two months! Thank you.


Peggy Sue Wood

Editor, The Anime View | 

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