Kyo Kara Maoh – pt. 2



I have to add that I love how the engagement thing continues to progress for Wolfram and Yuri. 

Cause like, this is freaking great.

1. Yuri proposes. 

2. Wolfram sort of accepts (says he is Yuri’s fiance after the fight and all that)

3. Wolfram shows some concern over their differences:


This, to me, means that he does have some doubts about things. (After all, they are engaged and he likes Yuri a lot, but the engagement was accidental and finalized by a match, not by mutual love and/or adoration.) 

4. Then we see Yuri try to bring Wolfram back with him to Japan (and not Conrad or anyone else), despite the fact that he has told literally no one on Earth about him coming to Shin M. (and he doesn’t tell Wolfram where they would be going until after it becomes clear that he cannot pass through, which Wolfram is not upset about). Scene below (oh, and I put the whole scene here because I have some analysis to add – also, TT_TT):


Alaysis of the scene:

First: We can see from the dialogue that Yuri may not have intended for Wolfram to come with him – because he is a little irritated that Wolfram jumps in with him, but the first conversation about Wolfram keeping on his swim trunks and stuff implies that Wolfram should go in with him.

Second: Look at their interaction. Yuri is holding Wolfram’s hand, and not uncomfortable with the contact Wolfram makes by hugging him (his words point to Wolfram diving in, not hugging). Wolfram is comfortable with the contact too, so they’re doing better than before. but…

Third: Wolfram acts more like Yuri’s vessel than his friend or loving-fiance in this scene. He is straightforward about Yuri belong to this world and thinks Yuri should have known that this might happen regardless of whether or not he was told. I don’t want to say that Wolfram is being cold in this scene, because his facial expressions are not cold. Rather, he is giving Yuri a wake-up call that is harsh but, from his perspective, true. A Truth that Yuri needs to learn. Wolfram, here, is pretty formal. Acting as a person close enough to the king that he can speak candidly, but still not familiar with Yuri.

5. We see Wolfram go about things in a somewhat formal way at the start, like he gets marriage papers, expects (and wants) to quickly produce a child. He is upset that Yuri won’t formalize things – likely because Yuri started this, but now won’t follow through which must be confusing to him – a youth raised in such a society that marriages like that are not only common, but supported. Look at Lady Cherri, for example. She married for love, but admits it is a rarity. As a huge supporter of love, it is somewhat odd to me that she fully supports Wolfram’s engagement, regardless of the whether they know and love each other yet, at the beginning of the story until you realize that this is, probably, regular in their society. Marriages are not always between lovers – and though a lover is preferred, it is not necessarily the case for many nobels. 

6. They become fathers to the Bear-bees and Greta. This changes their dynamic quiet a bit. At first, Wolfram is not entirely accepting. Yuri continues to call her his love child and immediately begins acting warmly towards her, comforting her, treating her, soon he even adopts her, but Wolfram only comes around to being an accepting father after that arc/vol. is done (showing progression from the formal to more familial ties). 

7. After Conrad looses his arm, Wolfram chases after Yuri and saves him from the giant crevas cause by the box. He finally catches him and it is a touching scene. 

8. Wolfram FORMALLY accepts the engagement.


(He states that him slapping him formalizes the engagement as something mutual and not one sided.) Around this point, we see that Wolfram has really grown to love Yuri. The engagement is, from his side, now wanted and agreed upon. Though he recognizes that Yuri has still not fully come around (he never states it, but it is somewhat clear based on his language).


9. Yuri saves Wolfram and fully accepts the engagement when he yells “I’m your fiance” at Wolfram and wakes him up. It concludes with him saying:


10. Wolfram’s giddiness after this scene, asking Yuri if he was jealous and pointing out what Yuri said, Yuri walking with him – refusing to let go of his hand while they’re in the box is (priceless) confirmation to Wolfram that Yuri fully accepts the engagement. The two are now mutually accepting of the engagement, each other, and the relationship.

Which is why I love this loves story. And believe that this some AWESOME love story progression.

Nice analysis!

I would like to add that their relationship is way deeper in the novels (that they sleep together undisturbed (no Greta in their bed), eat every meal together, bathe together every day and Wolfram works at the office with Yuuri because he asked him to). That Yuuri calls Wolfram his ‘most important person’ (words with very deep meaning in this series); and calls him fiance at least in Crossheart and Love Letter (and surely many more times I’m missing here)

I made a compilation of yuuram in the novels, in case you’re interested: 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12|13|14|15|16|17

Lastly a line from Misepan2

“If I was in trouble, and I was missing something important. And you had one that was exactly the same ….”
“I’d lend it to you, of course”
I thought about this, literally with my hands on his chest. In fact, with my hand, that was pressed against his chest, I could feel that the speed of my partner’s and my heartbeat was the same. Anyone would get blood rushing to their brains when they’re seriously thinking about something. When I could calm down a little, I let out a small sigh.
“Or rather, when it comes to things that I can give you, I would give you anything, Wolf. (…)”

OMG – thank you! (I will now proceed to devour the novels!) – ALSO, Part 1 of this analysis can be found here. 

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