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About Us – A Letter from the Editor: 

Founded by me, Peggy Sue Wood, in 2013, The Anime View started as an outlet for my obsession with the anime and manga I was viewing at the time. It has since developed from a solo blog to a blogging team, wherein we aim to create content that provides our audience of anime and manga fans with a mix of content that engages the mind to look critically at the media we love and consume.

Currently, many posts have centered on manhwa and other Korean publications shifting away from the heavy Japanese influences of the blog’s origins, and with new contributors joining the fray, we’re also looking toward games, American animated and comic media, industry knowledge, and other news to share with our growing readership. Which is to say, or write, that more and more, our content and industry coverage is expanding–and so too is our team!

As we take our first steps into building this blog up, we want to take a moment to thank you–our audience–for your engagement with the content, your commentary, community, and questions! We hope to continue making content for you with more consistency and quality for years to come!


Peggy Sue Wood | @pswediting


Our Disclaimer

Spoiler policy: In most cases, it is generally assumed by the writers at TAV that the audience has some degree of knowledge of the post’s subject, so we rarely give spoiler warnings.

Image/Media policy: All images should have a caption showing the source or link to where we found it (unless it is unfeasible to do so or they are actually created by us). This does not meet AP standards, but we are working towards meeting AP crediting standards in 2024. All videos are linked from YouTube or Vimeo. All media is used for entertainment purposes, and no infringement is intended. Should you wish to have a(n) image/video taken down or ask for an image source, please contact Peggy Wood (@pswediting).

Text: All text published on The Anime View is original writing of TAV team unless linked, quoted, reblogged, and/or credited elsewhere. Should there be any issues (such as claims of plagiarism, copyright, etc.) or general questions about joining, publishing, etc., please contact Peggy Wood at pswtheanimeview@gmail.com. 

Join Us?

We welcome those interested in joining the team or wanting to pitch/write/record a post! We are always looking for more people. If you want to write for The Anime View or submit a question, correction, etc.– feel free to contact us here or by email at pswtheanimeview@gmail.com. Currently, our publication is on a strict volunteer basis. Nobody on the team is paid, though Peggy is working on changing that by 2024.