[Recommended Watch] UN-GO: A Missed Series

By: Peggy Sue Wood | @pswediting Years ago, when I first watched UN-GO, I thought for sure this series would hit BIG. If not that year, maybe a year or two down the line as people had more time to catch up on it. However, after a decade of seemingly no coverage, I can’t help but want to shed light on this missed opportunity of … Continue reading [Recommended Watch] UN-GO: A Missed Series

Kumoricon Review (Presenting), Part 2

By: Peggy Sue Wood | @pswediting Hi, Everyone! Last week I discussed my attendee experience at 2022’s Kumoricon. However, now I’d like to discuss my experience with presenting. The deadline for submitting the panel application was around the end of the summer season. This felt pretty standard to me, as most calls for panels, papers, and other forms of submission are often called a season or two … Continue reading Kumoricon Review (Presenting), Part 2

Kumoricon Review (Attending), Part 1

By: Peggy Sue Wood | @pswediting Hi, Everyone! This month has been one of my busiest so far, and part of that is due to my traveling from Southern California to Oregon for fun and academic/professional purposes. I’ve split this into two reviews, the first being strictly for attending the convention and the second for paneling. I did this because I felt like both were … Continue reading Kumoricon Review (Attending), Part 1

Kumoricon 2022 – Quick Update

Good morning, everyone! Today I have a repost of my “Cultural Differences between Japanese manga and American comics” video because I am currently presenting a shortened version of it at Kumoricon 2022 today! If it is too fast (and it probably is because I think I accidentally sped it up with the free software I was using to edit the video 😅), please change the … Continue reading Kumoricon 2022 – Quick Update

Happy International Animation Day!

This celebratory day was first created in 2002 and celebrates 20 years today! In celebration of the day, I tend to host a small watch party with friends for different independent works that each of us has enjoyed, and this year is no different! Later today, I’ll be binging Season 1 of Metal Family (and a few other favorites) on a Zoom call with friends. … Continue reading Happy International Animation Day!