Update: Editor Returns?!…

By: Peggy Sue Wood | @pswediting Hi, Everyone! If you follow our Twitter (@TAVmedia), which is primarily run by the awesome @clearsummersorry, I took an unexpected hiatus. After missing several weekly posts, a quick announcement was sent out because it seemed faster than writing an update post about it like I am now, but here’s the story for anyone wondering: I suffered from some light … Continue reading Update: Editor Returns?!…

Recommended Watch: WUZU Clay ASMR

By: Peggy Sue Wood | @pswediting With finals week just around the corner, I’ve been listening to a lot of ASMR playlists filled with classical music, rain sounds, and crackling fireplaces. Somewhere along the way, I ran into WUZU Clay’s channel–specifically, the video above. I’m not sure exactly why it suddenly came up in the autoplay on my YouTube. It’s not something I would typically … Continue reading Recommended Watch: WUZU Clay ASMR

Blog Update – April & May 2022

Hello, Everyone! This is a quick update post for The Anime View: I–Peggy Wood–will be taking a step away from The Anime View for much of April and May (2022). This doesn’t mean very much to our overall publishing schedule as all of my posts have been pre-written and set to go up, as per usual, Saturdays at 10 AM. However, it does mean that … Continue reading Blog Update – April & May 2022

Welcome to the team, Beata!

Source: A gift I received from a Secret Santa, depicting Wakaba Shinohara from Revolutionary Girl Utena This week Casea and I are happy to welcome Beata Garrett to the team! Beata emailed me on Tuesday night and asked about joining our team. Beata is a talented writer who has published before at Anime Feminist and on a blog of her own. Beata will be joining us here at The … Continue reading Welcome to the team, Beata!

Update – Editorial Guidelines

Hello, everyone! We officially updated our editorial guidelines and set a format for our long form posts 😄 It’s in a tagged page on theanimeview.com 🎉 As for putting the guidelines into a blog post, well… I’m sorry for the length of the post—but now that it’s up we shouldn’t be messing with it or adding too much more. Anyway—HAPPY NEW YEAR and thank you … Continue reading Update – Editorial Guidelines

Happy New Year!

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/490188740666672687/ Where we’re at: It is officially 2022! Not to jinx us all, but 🤞🤞that this year isn’t a continuation of the you-know-what that’s been going on for the last two years (I guess it will officially be 2 years by March). Last week’s post did a run-down of some things that happened last year and this week hasn’t changed that so “where we’re at” is … Continue reading Happy New Year!