The Obelian Royal Family: The Heir

I was thinking about Chapter 7 of “Suddenly I Became a Princess One Day,” particularly this scene:   and it got me thinking about The Obelian Royal Family and heirs to the throne. By all indication (that I hear) of the novel, and in our telling thus far, Athanasia seems to have a secure spot as future Emperor (rather, Empress) of the empire. I’m not going to question … Continue reading The Obelian Royal Family: The Heir

Could Jannette be older than Athanasia?

So, I know that in the “Lovely Princess” novel that Athy read in her past life, Princess Athanasia was the elder sister (actually cousin) of Jannette, but the timeline for the current story doesn’t seem to match. Going by how the manhwa has framed the two princesses’ origins, Penelope left the mansion pregnant before Claude met/started-a-relationship with Diana, right? And based on how close the … Continue reading Could Jannette be older than Athanasia?

THEORY: Grooming for the Throne

By: Peggy Sue Wood | @peggyseditorial I think it might be good to recognize that the story itself and the novel Athanasia read in her past life are different. Yeah, they have a lot of similarities, but a common thing in these reborn stories is the character’s reliance on everything being by the book, even when they influence major factors or new information that wasn’t … Continue reading THEORY: Grooming for the Throne

Gold, Art, and Storytelling

I love this manhwa for many reasons, but in particular, I want to talk about the beauty of framing Athanasia’s character because I think framing is something that is done really well in this manhwa and is often underappreciated by readers.  A brief summary to the set up of the story: The story’s protagonist is Princess Athanasia De Alger Obelia, seen left on the image above. … Continue reading Gold, Art, and Storytelling