ANALYSIS: Gold, Art, and Storytelling Re-revisited

OMG, so many things about chapter 62. I already posted about Anastasios possibly changing, but now it’s time to talk (again) about ART, particularly the mirror images we see between Claude meeting Athanasia and him meeting Jennette.  When Claude meets Athanasia, look at the hues behind them–both are surrounded by yellow, which we’ve talked about before (Part 1 Link – Part 2 Link). The chapter … Continue reading ANALYSIS: Gold, Art, and Storytelling Re-revisited

Revisited: Gold, Art, and Storytelling

I talked about this before, but I think it is worth repeating as the gold and yellow have remained a consistent aspect of storytelling within the series.  Previously, I stated that the dull yellow we see attached to Athy in earlier chapters seems to represent caution, decay, sickness, jealousy, instability and fear while the gold, sparkling yellow seen throughout the work, signifies success, wealth, and cheerful feelings. … Continue reading Revisited: Gold, Art, and Storytelling

Gold, Art, and Storytelling

I love this manhwa for many reasons, but in particular, I want to talk about the beauty of framing Athanasia’s character because I think framing is something that is done really well in this manhwa and is often underappreciated by readers.  A brief summary to the set up of the story: The story’s protagonist is Princess Athanasia De Alger Obelia, seen left on the image above. … Continue reading Gold, Art, and Storytelling