HTTYD3 Review: I’m Disappointed (SPOILER WARNING)

By: Peggy Sue Wood | @peggyseditorial​ I’m going to be honest and tell you all that I was disappointed with this final installment of the HTTYD Animated Universe.  SPOILER WARNING.  Starting with just the basics, did anyone notice how Valka went from brunet to a red-head? Or how Stoick went from having red hair to brown in this movie? Because I did and that’s weird. … Continue reading HTTYD3 Review: I’m Disappointed (SPOILER WARNING)

The Rise of a King, Hiccup – Part 2

Summarizing part 1, Stoick is overprotective (in HTTYD 1) and that overprotectiveness has limited Hiccup from: Being able to connect well with other people in the village, which is important to any leader (future or current) Prevented the development of his already incredible aptitude for leadership and invention. (Potentially, this protectiveness could be the reason Hiccup has less muscle than many of his peers since Stoick … Continue reading The Rise of a King, Hiccup – Part 2

Soul of a Dragon?

“You have the heart of a chief…and the soul of a dragon.“ – Valka When I’m not working or sleeping–I’m rewatching all the HTTYD movies/shows in preparation for the new movie and I think I noticed something about Hiccup that’s different from the other dragon riders.  Certainly, we’ve all noticed that “he (Hiccup) has a way with the beasts,” but his way with them isn’t like … Continue reading Soul of a Dragon?