Favorite Character: Roronoa Zoro

Someone asked me who my favorite character from One Piece was and I just could not express why they were my favorite at the time so I am venting it out here…

Why Roronoa Zoro is my favorite One Piece character (besides Luffy)

My favorite character from One Piece (besides Luffy) is Zoro. Why is he my favorite? Is it simply that he looks cool and has nice moves? No. I like the fact that, regardless of the heavy situations and difficulties that arrive amongst time spent on the journey to find the One Piece with the Straw Hat Crew, he has remained completely loyal to his captain, and he has made it clear to the others that they too should be loyal.

The scene above is an excellent example. Zoro has sworn his sword to the captain and–from what I can tell–is the most loyal among the crew, followed by Robin and Chopper, Franky, Brooke. For all the things that go on, most of the crew seems to have very little distinction between Luffy as a friend and Luffy as a captain except for in time of serious battle when Luffy says he will take out the Boss (whoever is the main evil/strongest character). Even though some of the best loyalty speeches are made during those battles- actions speak louder than words, and from what I can tell characters from earlier in the series (like Nami, Sanji, and Ussop) are not as strictly abiding to roles as subordinates on the ship. Not that I want that to change- I just found that of the characters, Zoro is my favorite and his loyalty plays a major role in my choice as a favorite character…

And cause he looks cool and has nice moves…

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