Theory: Athanasia’s Request



In chapter 45 we see the hint of something Athanasia asked Claude for–I believe that she asked for a portrait of them together. Here is why:

First, in chapter 45, we see what is very likely to be the feet of an aisle twice: 

I haven’t seen much discussion about the gift before, but that’s my theory. I bet that as season 2 comes out, this painting will play a major role. Perhaps in bringing back Claude’s current memory loss of Athanasia.  

Hey… sorry all, I forgot to delete the “first.” I don’t really have a reason for why it is of the two of them other than my own speculation. 

 I don’t think she would ask for a portrait of herself alone because when she takes the throne (an assumption on my part since she is heir-apparent) one will be made of her anyway (another assumption based on all of the portraits we see of former emporers hanging in Claude’s room and Claude’s portrait in the book Lilly reads to Athanasia early in the manhwa. I don’t think she would ask for a picture of Claude either since those clearly exist already. That leaves a portrait of the two being the primary option. 


I. Was. Right. ^^^^^^^^^^


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