THEORY: Anastasios Is Changing


Remember how Claude changed after spending time with Athanasia? Having a child and spending time with them is known to change people and I think that might be happening with Anastasios, particularly after he reacts to Jennette words regarding family in Chapter 62:

His reaction is not the same disgust or disappointment he held when he saw Claude’s behavior around Athanasia. It’s almost like, for a moment, he’s disassociated from his persona of faking being happy for her, or even cold beneath it all, to instead be upset that she’s calling another man–his brother, a man he hates–father despite this having been, supposedly, apart of his plan.

He takes a moment and reflects on his relationship with her mother, wondering who Jennette could take after when both he and her mother were terrible people, implying that he knows he’s not a great person and we see him once again begin to lose control of his appearance.

In my analysis of Athanasia’s curse (LINK), I thought that him losing control of his appearance had to do with him taking magic from Jennette, but now I think it may have something to do with his paternal instincts beginning to awake simply from being around his daughter. It’s quickly buried internally when he leaves her, allowing his hair and eyes to revert to black, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be there and growing the more time he spends with Jennette. 

I won’t say it can’t still have something to do with Athanasia’s curse, but it may be more likely that Anastasios also has some underlying affection for his daughter just like Claude. 

I’ll be posting another WMMAP analysis this Saturday–I hope you all enjoy!

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QUICK ADD HERE: Chapter 65 just passed and look who’s having a hard time maintaining his appearance around Jennette!


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