THEORY: Athanasia’s Past Lives (Chapter 70)

So… chapter 70 hit me like a brick wall. Anyone else? But it gave me a really interesting idea/theory as to what Lucas is talking about for Athanasia.

What if Athanasia’s past lives or story is similar to Elise’s in Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp? As in, what if Athanasia lived her life as Athanasia before and then came to another world (“our” world) and, after death in the second world, was returned to her original world to start over from the beginning? 

There are a major hint to this in Lucas’ speech, when he says “The first time, she was just unlucky” calling back to chapter/episode 3 where Athanasia remarks that the webnovel-version of Athanasia met an unfortunate end at the hands of her cruel father:

Chapter 70


Chapter 3


But there are a few other potential hints hidden in the series. For example, the current Athanasia keeps referring back to a novel or web-novel that she read in her last past life, the title of which is Lovely Princess. Yet, even though she refers to the story as a novel/web-novel, which to my knowledge often do not have a lot of pictures, Athanasia has vivid imagery of different scenes that playout in the story she read. Could this be her memories of the last life slipping through? 

If that’s the case, she wasn’t the only one that was reborn outside of the novel, right? Because someone else wrote the story that she’s referring to. Unless she wrote it, and just can’t remember.

I don’t know if I believe it… but, maybe!

Other Chapter 70 Thoughts: 

1. I previously thought that the royal family’s special magic, the one that makes their eyes like jewels, had to do with nature… but now I’m not so sure. What if it has to do with time? Because Lucas is making it seem like that. 

2. Claude’s dark magic–could it have been attempting to save Athanasia’s mother? But then, why did it only go back about 9 years (to the time right before or right about when he meets Athanasia). What could it be? I know some think it might relate to Claude trying to remove his memories of Athanasia’s mother because of what happened in the web-novel version of WMMAP but I don’t think so. I don’t have theories on other options yet, but I don’t think it’s memory removal. Although, that would make sense for why Claude would have lost his memories now… I don’t know. 

Thoughts? Let me know!


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