Anime Expo Lite (Anime Expo 2020) – LOVE x LOVE: All-Inclusive Romance From TOKYOPOP

3:20 PM – 4:20 PM (PDT) | Channel 3 | Friday 3 July 2020

Panel: Description: TOKYOPOP presents our LOVE x LOVE imprint, which seeks to normalize LGBTQ+ romance alongside traditional heterosexual romance manga. Introducing fans to yaoi, yuri, shoujo and true LGBTQ+ stories, we also hope to open a discussion about queer stories in manga, and get feedback from fans about what they want to see from future titles.


LOVE x LOVE is a new imprint of TOKYOPOP. The imprint features romances of all kinds–yaoi, yuri, shoujo and josei! You can read more about the new imprint here [] and here []

Some upcoming titles include:

• Shoujo and Josei Titles:

  • Scarlet Soul
  • No Vampire No Happy Endings

• Boys Love/Yaoi Titles: 

  • Koimonogatari: Love Stories
  • There Are Things I Can’t Tell You
  • Don’t Call Me Dirty
  • Don’t Call Me Daddy
  • RePlay

• Girls Love/Yuri Titles: 

  • Still Sick
  • Futaribeya
  • Yuri Bear Story

There are several more on the roster so be sure to check out their website:

Digital First:

LOVE x LOVE has negotiated for digital rights to the translation of many of their titles. Of course, check out TOKYOPOP’s app, POP Comics, first. Some platforms you can check these series out on are: 


One of the cool things about POP Comics is that YOU can actually publish your own comics too! You can earn ad-revenue and start making a name for yourself as a creator on the platform!


Will LOVE x LOVE be licensing any 18+ titles?

  • Yes; but the stories will need to have a romantic base–romance is basically the mission statement!

Would you publish works that have incidental love stories but are typically of another genre?

  • Yes! That’s another goal we’re setting for our future. 

Will you be publishing queer authors? 

  • Yes. We really want to expand the line as much as possible. Just remember that all the stories will still need to have a romantic base!

Will readers see manhwa or manhua comics coming in? 

  • We are considering non-japanese authors, particularly in TOKYOPOP’s International Women of Manga line.

A good thing to note: At TOKYOPOP belief of what constitutes manga is that any comic fitting a certain style of comic book can count as manga. (Origin is not an issue or base!)

Will you publish doujinshi?

  • If it doesn’t conflict with copyright–maybe 😀 

If you want to learn more about creating your own manga, the editors recommend TOKYOPOP’s current masterclass, “HOW TO CREATE MANGA MASTERCLASS With Natalia Batista” (Link here:

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