Welcome to the team, Casea!

This week Jenna and I are happy to welcome Casea Mhtar to the team! I have known Casea since we were in high school. In fact, she and I founded the first anime club at our high school! 

Casea is a talented writer and will be joining as a regular contributor to The Anime View. She hopes to bring more games to our platform in addition to other anime/manga insights. To help introduce her, I’ve given some starter questions. Casea, take it away!

Who are you and what are somethings you hope to write about for and/or bring on to the blog?

First things first, my name is pronounced like Casey. I had to get that out of the way and now that it is: Hello! I’m a person with lots of emotion, equally as many opinions, and an undying passion for my obsessions. Not only that, but I’m able to accurately put all of those things into words! I’m excited to write about the video games and manga I love and/or have an opinion on. As it is right now I rarely watch anime, but that will certainly change now that I’m a part of the team. 

What is your favorite pokemon and why?


I love birds, to the point of uncontrollable loud squeals and cries of joy. Fletchling is easily the cutest bird pokemon. Interacting with him in Pokemon Y immediately melted away all of my stress. If I could choose to have only one pokemon in real life, I would choose Fletchling. That’s what makes him my favourite, the fact that I desperately want this pokemon in my everyday life. Oh, what joy he would bring…


But Piplup is a very close second! Maybe because here reminds me of my favourite Sanrio character, Tuxedo Sam. There is something about a sailor-themed penguin that makes my heart implode from the crushing weight of their cuteness.


As an added gift to welcome Casea, I found this fanart called “Shiny Piplup + Tuxedo Sam (Sanrio)” by shawarmachine on DeviantArt. You can see it here: https://www.deviantart.com/shawarmachine/art/Shiny-Piplup-Tuxedo-Sam-Sanrio-559710132. Shawarmachine is a talented artist who does a lot of pokemon combinations. 

Do you have more questions for her/us? Feel free to send us an ask!

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