Anime Expo Lite (Anime Expo 2020) – Mangamo: We’ve Got Manga!

5:50 PM – 6:35 PM (PDT) | Channel 2 | Friday 3 July 2020

Panel Description: Mangamo is the first legal mobile manga subscription service, and we’re making waves! With over 300 series, Mangamo has something for everyone. Join the Mangamo team, including executive editor Dallas Middaugh, CEO Buddy Marini, and content head Yusuke Sasano as they talk about the service, the state of manga publishing, and maybe even throw in a few new series announcements for good measure. 


Introduction to service: was made to be an affordable and accessible platform for consumers, but also one supportive of manga creators. It currently features the most manga series of any legal platform in North America with more than 20 publisher partners from around the world! There are no ads, the subscription cost is only $5/ month at present and the list of available content is continuing to grow. 

The platform actually launched this year, in April 2020, and quickly ran into technical problems as any new platform does, but the developers are constantly working to improve. 

As of now, the platform aims to be releasing series all Summer long with a goal of over 300 manga series. Thus far, they’ve released over 200 titles towards their goal.

Because of their extensive title list, they are releasing new chapters every day with additional exclusive content as Mangamo retains some exclusive rights to different manga titles and/or the first translation rights. 

Other promised qualities the site markets are quality translations and a free 30-Day trial. 

Over ⅓ of the manga on the site now is current and ongoing, with various genres available. 

Some Manga on Mangamo Now:

  • Conditions of The Wicked
  • Arte
  • I Wanna Be Your Girl
  • Dropkick On My Devil – Mangamo is currently the only platform to publish this series in English
  • Fire Force
  • The Seven Deadly Sins
  • Horror At Doll’s Village
  • Bangyaloop

Tech Issues Elaborated:

The service crashed early in its release a few times because of high traction at the initial opening in addition to mass uploading of content from the producer’s end. At first, the site was a bit laggy and clunky. Since then, the company has made an effort to fix the site’s infrastructure and is proud to say that there are no current technical issues. 

Other updates:

  • Coming Soon to the Website: A search bar!
  • Only available in North America, but plans to be available globally in the next few weeks to a couple of months.
  • Currently, the site is only on IOS for phones but will release an Android version in the next few weeks to a couple of months after fixing a few more bugs

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