Thoughts & Theories on The Twin Siblings’ New Life


If anyone on here is reading The Twin Siblings’ New Life, they probably remember Ishana telling the twins that they should thank the emperor for their new life as accepted imperial children–but I think that they actually owe it to the second prince. Let me explain: 

First things first, the Second Prince is the first member of the imperial family that we meet outside of Arjen and Arien. He asks the twins if they want to come to the palace and when they give there answer he clearly holds a very dark and angry expression wondering what kind of lives the two have held before their meeting. (BTW, I won’t be referring to the Second Prince by name in this post since his nickname changes depending on the translation.)

It this interaction that makes me think he might have something to Rurahel’s death since the twins say (right before she falls backward and impales herself on a suspiciously placed and sharp tree branch):


That’s right–I wrote it. I think our handsome and smart second prince is behind the death. I think he planned it if not semi-executed it. 

Then, just before the twins manifest their first magical experience (the disappearing act where they can’t see the servants and the servants can’t see them), he gives them an unidentified gift that looks an awful lot like someone passing on some sort of magical power. We know it’s not the same as healing/defensive powers since both times that see healing (when the twins heal themselves and when the second prince heals Arien) the power is gold, not the green we see here:


We see him further reflecting afterward too:


This is after he informed the twins that previously he wasn’t interested and now that he is interested, things are different. 

The final line here, “I never thought they’d be alive after five years” doesn’t have a specific person attached to it–I’m assuming it is from the second prince but I could be wrong. If it does come from the second prince, we can assume that there is more at play here than we thought. 

Looking back, there are a few other questionable items to address. The first is that Rurahel and the Emperor had some sort of contract in which the twins were meant to be “hidden” away for life:


This is reaffirmed later: 


The other terms of the contract are unknown, but generally, it can be assumed that the Emperor did not want to kill or hurt them. He decided to grant them fair and comfortable lives hidden away with their mother only to have the contract backfire, which he learns when the notice comes that Rurahel has died and that the children had been heavily abused. 

He regrets his decision, or at least is at the questioning stage as he did not mean for them to come to harm–that’s clear. In fact, I would argue based on the Emperor’s internal monologue that he thought their lives would be better and safer than with him and the other princess. He internal makes it clear to the audience that palace life may be difficult for them but he wants them safe but he is ultimately quiet about this with the twins so they are left wondering how he feels.

Instead, who do we see actually inform the twins that their life may not be easy in the palace, but that they are here to protect them and have only good wishes for their wellbeing moving forward? Is it Ishana? No. The other brothers? Nope. We already discussed how it is not the Emperor either. Instead, it is the second prince. The first to see them and the one, I believe, that is actually their savior in this matter not Rurahel’s random death or the Emperor’s “gracious” action. Instead, I believe our second prince is pulling all the strings and I hope that he is doing so with the good intentions that he’s leading us to believe he has. That is, for now, my conclusion. 

Going back briefly to the contract between Rurahel and the Emperor, I wonder what Rurahel’s “secret” is. It’s mentioned here: 


And it’s definitely got me thinking. Another thing, what is Rurahel has a twin too? Like, what if the twins are not actually hers but she’s taken the credit because her sister was in a bad position or something? The reason I ask is because the woman we see holding the twins in the Emperor’s monologue about the contract and sending the twins away (featured above and here):


Doesn’t exactly look like Rurahel, does she? I mean, they are very similar but Rurahel is always seen in a signature red dress. We see it earlier in the Emperor’s flashback and we see it in the early chapters but the woman above is in a blue dress that lacks the same flare and decoration as Rurahel.  


Maybe I’m over thinking it but that is my secondary theory thus far. I look forward to seeing how the series will play out moving forward!

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