Theory: Rurahel – A Guardian Spirit? (The Twin Siblings’ New Life)

By: Peggy Wood | @peggyseditorial

So, I was re-reading the available chapters of The Twin Siblings’ New Life, and I think Rurahel might be a guardian spirit. I think she might have been the Emperor’s former spirit guardian. Hear me out, okay?

Thus far, we’ve seen that the spirits are very attached to their persons. They do not have to be next to their persons–but they do have an attachment. They’re personalities also don’t need to be the same (for example, the third prince’s guardian spirit is more level headed than the prince). What we see as a commonality between guardian and person is eye color, to an extent–for example, the third prince’s color is green and so is his spirit’s. The second prince’s color is purple, and his spirit’s color is a pale variation.  


We find out that if the person dies, so does the guardian and vice versa. However, we also learn (in chapter 29, I believe) that the guardians can be “transferred.”


So what would this mean for eye color or form? We see the former Empress (picture below), and some things stand out to me about her and Rurahel, particularly the eye color. The Empress has purple eyes, and a Rurahel has a purple variation (one that is very close to the second prince’s eye color). 


We also find out that the Emperor and Rurahel are tied by some sort of curse or contract–one that leaves them intricately connected. Not so much that is Rurahel dies he will (though that’s what was written), but enough so that he couldn’t kill her when he wanted to… 

SO, here is my theory:

Rurahel was the Emperor’s guardian spirit that was traded to his wife. Rurahel’s form changes to fit the new person she/they is attached to as a guardian spirit. The Empress dies, but Rurahel, who was originally the Emperor’s guardian, does NOT die with her. Instead, Rurahel re-attaches poorly to her original person (the Emperor) and goes crazy either from the Empress’s death or from feeling abandoned by the Emperor. Rurahel magically forces a pregnancy between her and the Emperor. [Who knows how (and who cares at this moment). I mean, we could guess–but I don’t want to–let’s leave it at that.] The Emperor creates a fake family name for Rurahel, gives her a phony backstory as the daughter of a lower noble or commoner. The maids and nobles shift the story more negatively as they re-tell it to the children, and the rumor gets passed around. Rurahel gives birth to the twins. The twins don’t know what’s true about their origins since Rurahel probably didn’t tell them much, and the children are mainly on their own.

The children are the Emperor’s, they have the blonde hair and a guardian spirit (the red fox), so they are definitely his children. They are anomalies, though. Cute, magical anomalies. The children are abandoned, with everyone expecting them to die since spirit/human mixes aren’t a thing or are not known to survive for long.

If this theory is true, it might explain why the twins have only one guardian between them; why they can disappear and feel like everyone around them is gone when they want to be completely alone; and why they were born with unique abilities such as telepathy.


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