Slimes Away! (By the Grace of the Gods) – The Anime View Podcast – Episode 1

It’s our first podcast episode! WOOHOO 🎉🎉

Casea (@madamekrow) and Peggy (@pswediting/@peggyseditorial) from TheAnimeView discuss the isekai genre, break down slimes, and work out what makes *By the Grace of the Gods* such a perfectly lovely series!

That’s right. We’ve done it now–we’ve immortalized our words for the internet…

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• Peggy – One thing I forgot to mention that appreciate about this series is the stated mental age regression of our main character. So few series of this genre where characters are transported to a new world or reborn in it thereby receiving a child’s body are stated to have a mental state similar to the age they appear as despite so many showing child-like behavior over time. This series states it out right, making it clear that our MC truly is a child now and stands out to me specifically because many shows don’t. In this genre, it’s common for the MCs to be shipped with other character that are not age appropriate given the mental age difference despite their physical bodies being similar. What I mean to say, I think, is that I like that this series clarifies that our MC is less of an-old-man-trapped-in-a-child’s-body type of story and more like a-child-who-can-recall-memories-of-being-an-older-man.

• Casea – This anime has everything I need for it to be rewatchable. It’s a comforting show; the protagonist is young, adorable, and easy to cheer for; it has an interesting and practical take on magic; the problems that arise never feel impossible to overcome; and *bonus points* the protagonist ends up running their own adorable business! (Think, Kiki’s Delivery Service.) It’s seriously perfect for when I’m feeling down!

•  Jenna (@jkmorgan-media) didn’t get to show off her awesome video editing skills in this video. Sadly, we have to deal with Peggy’s glorified powerpoint presentation as visual… BUT don’t worry! We’ll get to see her skills very soon!! 💖💜



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Main Titles:
Anime: Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko
[English Name: By the Grace of the Gods]

Alternative Titles:
English: The man picked up by the gods
Other: (1) Kamihiro (2) Kamitachi ni Hirowareta Otoko

Studios/Producers: Maho Film, Lantis, Toei Video, KlockWorx, Nikkatsu, Asmik Ace, Hobby Japan, AMG MUSIC, BS Fuji, Hakuhodo DY Music & Pictures, Amusement Media Academy, Exa International, Bandai Namco Arts
Genres: Adventure, Slice of Life, Magic, Fantasy

You can watch *By the Grace of the Gods* on Hulu:

MAL Synopsis as of 3 Dec 2020: “Ryouma Takebayashi dies in his sleep at the age of 39 after leading a life of misfortune. Taking pity on him, three deities offer him the chance to reincarnate in a world of magic where he has only one mission: to be himself and enjoy life. They bestow upon Ryouma powerful physical abilities as well as the affinity to master all elements, and promise to watch over him. His new life as a young child officially starts when he is teleported into a forest. Three years go by. Having spent most of his time researching slimes, Ryouma has managed to evolve unique kinds of slimes, training an army of them while developing his magic abilities. Although the young boy is happy with his hermit existence and comfortable cave home, he somewhat misses the company of humans. But after healing an injured member of a passing group of travelers from a duke’s household, Ryouma is persuaded to go with them and exit the forest accompanied by his menagerie of slimes. A whole new world awaits him, where his skills as a magic user and slime tamer continue to elicit surprise and admiration.”


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