Cultivation Confusion? I have some links for that…

By: Peggy Sue Wood | @pswediting

I can’t be the only one confused by cultivation comics, right? Right? 

I’ve probably added over 20 martial world type comics to my current reading list and every time I am faced with a new list of cultivation levels that literally make no sense. 

Almost every series i read in these types of worlds have similar levels and correlating factors from strength needed to strength gained, from foundation creation to innate talent and more. However, in those same series–there is almost always a different name. 

Sure, some things stay the same–such as what a sect is and the inner/outer disciples of such sects having different statuses. And, from what I can tell, most stories regard cultivation as the journey one takes towards a Daoist enlightenment and immortality through both the mind and body via martial arts and meditation. 

Still, I can’t help but be confused when I encounter the shocked crowds going on about “Heavenly Demonic realm!” in one series and “Tiger Strength level” in another. 

Like, what? And then you have to add the Alchemy elements most of the time and how the gu or the pills or xyz assist in cultivation. 

It’s really confusing. So, here is my short list of links that have helped me figure out what level people are at when the story doesn’t give enough context for a defined hierarchy. If anyone else has a link to add, or can explain, please help clear the confusion. Thank you.


1.  Understanding the Martial World, foundation to levels to realms and beyond:

2. Simplified List of Cultivation Levels:

3. Simplified list of Body Refining Cultivations:  levels:

4. Simplified List of Cultivation Realms (Levels) :’s-(atg)-with-system_16800695605294305/cultivation-levels_45121887382069884

And to the authors of these pages, I give my sincere thanks and applause because OMG. These are such good stories but so darn confusing! 

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