Aniplex Online Fest – Special Guests in the Studio & Special Interview!  – Notes!


(–/Wonder Egg Priority, Screenshot from opening)

Credit: Peggy Sue Wood | @pswediting

About the Event:

Panel Description: This is actually not a listed panel on the event schedule from what I, Peggy, can tell. But, the guests included Saki Takahashi,  the key visual illustrator of Aniplex Online Fest 2021 (also the Character Designer and Chief Animation Director for Wonder Egg Priority, which recently wrapped up), and, Umehara Shota, an anime producer from CloverWorks. While Takahashi drew, the hosts of AOF, interviewed Umehara Shota. Here’s what we learned: 

How long does it take to draw one sakuga (a single animation cel, which translates to “original pic”)?

On average it takes about 1 hour. Some animators can converse while drawing, and some need full concentration. 

What aspect, from a producer’s perspective, makes Saki Takahashi’s art special?

Saki Takahashi’s is especially adept at creating facial expressions. It’s very subtle sometimes, and quick–just like how in real life an expression can flash across a person’s face. She’s very good at capturing that.

How many animators work at the studio/on one project?

It depends on the project, but Umehara doesn’t actually know. He’s never counted but there are about 100 seats for animators at a given time in the studio. CloverWorks is one of the bigger studios, which means there are a lot more animators than you might see at smaller companies.

What is Umerhara’s job like as a producer?

His role within the studio is that a company like Aniplex will come to him within the studio, bring an anime project proposal to him and they get together and work out the project details and ideal aspects (like who would we like as the director, voice actors, ect.). Then they go meet with the creators of the work at a izakaya (pub or other sort of drinking/relaxed establishment) and try to negotiate the terms.

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