Anime Expo Lite 2021 – Manga Planet & futekiya Industry Panel – Notes!


(Graphic/futekiya, Anime Expo Lite 2021 Industry Panel)

Credit: Peggy Sue Wood | @pswediting

About the Event:

START: 12:00 PM END: 11:55 PM (PDT) | 5 July 2021 | CHANNEL: VOD (Video on Demand)

Panel Description: N/a

What is Manga Planet? What is futekiya?

Manga Planet is a convenient and straightforward online manga subscription service for officially licensed Japanese manga. 

futekiya is another online manga subscription service–though for BL works–with the mission to connect passionate fans around the world with officially licensed Japanese Boys’ Love (BL) manga and support creators.

Key Features of Our Services

  • Well-curated content (Filtering/Tagging options)
  • Regular updates
  • Flat monthly fee. Long-term plans available
  • Accessible on any device, anywhere
  • Original blog content
  • Supports publishers and artists
  • By manga fans for manga fans

What you can read on Manga Planet & futekiya

You can check out their library here: 

You can check out their library here:



(Graphic/futekiya, Announcements “16 New Boys’ Love Licenses from Home-Sha Inc!”)

New titles at futekiya from Home-Sha, Inc.: 

  1. “Achira Kochira Bokura (No, are Kara to Kore Kara)”
  2. “Zenin Kiritsu! Shiritsu BL Gakuen Koutou-Gakkou ~Tachibana x Mizuki Hen~”
  3. “My Sweet Home”
  4. “My Only Doggy”
  5. “Mahoraba Eden”
  6. “Koi Wo Egakeba Iro Ga Saku”
  7. “Maou no Musuko Wa Sunao ni Narenai!”
  8. “Noid~Ai no Sukuu Hoshi~”
  9. “Satsuki Matsu”
  10. “Iu Koto Kiite, Sensei”
  11. “Utakata Calendar”
  12. “Yoru ni Kin no Ame no Furu”
  13. “Yakimochi wa Kitsune-Iro”
  14. “Gotsugou Simulation”
  15. “Sweet Agape”
  16. “Neko Nante Itsumo Kimagure”

(Graphic/, Manga Planet Licenses Yumi Sudo’s Miyako Bijin Yawa Manga)

New titles at Manga Planet can be checked out here: 

They write up their releases every month and post it to their blog so you can see new titles coming in regularly.

Beyond these services you can find other websites with licenced content to consume. “The Master List of Legal Online Manga Reading Sites” by Katy Castillo on Yatta-Tachi! is a master list of current services that provide licensed and original content. Happy Reading!


EDIT: (15 July 2021) You can check out futekiya’s official blog post on the event:

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