Credit: Anonymous | @TAVmedia

START: 7:30 PM END: 8:00 PM (PDT) | 3 July 2021 | CHANNEL: 3

Panel Description: Dive In with all things Funimation as IGN’s Akeem Lawanson highlights everything new you NEED to know. Get caught up on the hottest upcoming shows, returning movies, and exclusive merch hitting The Funimation Shop. Consider this your anime cheat sheet! *Geolocked in some areas

This one was a really good watch, but worry not if you missed it because Funimation has created a blog post about their industry panel and releases here:

That’s the end of Day 1 for us at @theanimeview​! See you all tomorrow!

Credit: Anonymous | @TAVmedia

About the Event: 

Panel: Funimation Industry Panel with Akeem Lawanson | Comic-Con@Home 2021

Panel Description: 

Get the download on all things Funimation with info on the hottest upcoming shows, returning movies, and exclusive merch hitting The Shop. This anime cheat sheet is your update on everything new you NEED to know! Hosted by Akeem Lawanson (host, IGN).

Akeem Lawanson (host, YouTuber)
Akeem Lawanson is an Internet personality, best known as a host for the video game and entertainment media website, IGN. His insane knowledge and interest in animation has led to him producing countless anime-related online videos, with his impressive and comedic skills in voice impressions giving birth to many online viral videos. His love of anime makes him the perfect host for this Funimation Panel! Outside of producing videos on his YouTube channel, you can find him hosting the weekly entertainment news show, IGN The Fix: Entertainment.
(twitter) geekheavy

Funimation’s Industry Panel for Comic Con @ Home (2021) aired today and we thought it best to share. While they have not yet seen their promised blog post on the panel, we’re sure it will be up soon. One thing to note is that the panel is different from Anime Expo’s panel–so if you watched the one at AX 2021 you may still want to check out the video or look at their blog post when it’s published. We’ll link the blog post by Funimation in an edit of this reblog when  we see it go up. 😀 

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