AnimeNEXT – Recommended Watch: The Early Works of Hayao Miyazaki


By: Peggy Sue Wood | @pswediting

Jon Turner, the host of this panel, hosted several panels for AnimeNEXT this year. I’ve seen his work before at other conferences/conventions and I’m sure I’ll see more at future events and online since I recently came across his YouTube channel

While I’ve never found a need to take notes during his panels/videos, I always recommend them to those interested in understanding a particular work better. For example, his video “A Silent Voice — A Story of Second Chances” is a fantastic look at A Silent Voice from beyond just the story. Turner goes into great detail about locations we see in the story, how it’s adapted from page to screen, how the animation plays into character development and understanding, and so much more. He tells us what the anime shows and it’s great for those interested in the behind the scenes of animation. Each panel he does is like a master class on what we’re watching, and I love it. 

You can watch more of his videos at Turnajon on YouTube. And you can watch the panel in question, “The Early Works of Hayao Miyazaki,” HERE.

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