By: Casea Smith | @coffeewithkrow

There I was, casually perusing Crunchyroll looking for anime to watch (as one does). Merrily, I read descriptions, judged cover art, and made my assessments. When I was suddenly struck with waves of confusion as I was distracted for I couldn’t find the “Add To Watchlist” button.

“What was so distracting?” You conveniently ask.

Well! It was an option I hadn’t seen before, “Add To Crunchylist


Crunchylist?! What kind of a name is THAT? Crunchy, on its own, has a rather unappealing sound as it conjures up an image in my mind that is thoroughly off putting. I’m sure that many people would think “crispy” but my brain relates it more to the word “crusty.” Besides, of the two parts in their name they could have chosen, they went with the weird one.

So, I have a proposal, instead of adding it to your “Crunchylist” why not add it to your “Roll”?


I mean, we’re already thinking of sushi when reading “Crunchyroll,” right? When you ask the chef to add to your order, you don’t say “add it to my crunchy, please.” You would say “add it to my roll, please,” you know?

And does that not sound snappy? I find that it has a smooth and concise ring to it. It pulls from “Crunchyroll” while still sounding good.


Source: https://chefjar.com/crunchy-roll-sushi/

Comment: Doesn’t that crunchy roll look yummy? Doesn’t that make you feel better than Crunchylist?

I know this has been a frivolous rant, and I’m not that deeply affected by it, but it’s the little things that can really cause me to stop for a moment and scratch my head and maybe get a little Aggretsuko-raged for a moment.


Whether that be an inconvenient user interface (Peggy has been ranting about VRV so I feel I must mention it) or a questionable choice for a name–it can be fun to indulge and allow yourself to be facetious every now and again….

Anyway, I hope you are having a great start to the new year.

– Casea

P.S. In all seriousness though, adding anime to your “Roll” really does sound better, right?


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