Dungeon Breaks Should Break the Economy, Right? (Analysis)

Chapter 22, The S Classes That I Raised 
Note: MC is calculating the cost of feeding Peace a C Class Mana stone (price is $10k/each) at every meal.

By: Peggy Sue Wood | @pswediting

This post is less of an analysis/review and more of a sincere question that I pose to anyone who is more knowledgeable in the subject of economics than myself.

You see, I’ve been reading a lot of dungeon break comics such as The S-Classes That I Raised and Solo Leveling. While it is apparent that these hunters are making a lot of money, even breaking into the millions, I can’t help but question how their economy works.

I’m not an economist, but these are things I think about as an adult. How to make money, delegating what to spend it on, where taxes go, etc. So after hearing that a hunter is going to make 50 million from a dungeon break, it seems to me that it would cause massive inflation, no?

Where does all the money come from? Is money worthless in a dungeon break world? Or is it the staggering costs of the dungeon items causing this inflation? Which may cause the reward to be enough for hunters to cover the expenses of the equipment needed to do the job. Wouldn’t that also entail that the hunters are living, in many ways, pay-check to pay-check?

I read this article, “The economics of dungeon adventure” by Yuki at DailyAnimate.com, wherein dungeon economies were compared to several things including piracy and whaling–of which, whaling might be the more appropriate example. Whaling was a lucrative  business in the 1800s but crashed after about 50 years in the US. Why? For everything I’m seeing in these comics–the cost of labor became too high.

Hunters in these dungeon break worlds are vital workers, so I’m not saying that they don’t  deserve the high pay for these hazardous jobs. I just want to know what that means for the  people that can’t/won’t do dungeon jobs and instead keep the rest of the world running while hunters save it. Is it inflation? Is it a bubble that’s going to pop soon? Or something else?

I’d really like to know.

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