A Recommended Watch for Content Creators

By: Peggy Sue Wood

I know I said I would not be putting out a post this week because it’s a holiday weekend and my birthday, and I’m on a hiatus, but I feel the need to write this.

I, very recently (yesterday, in fact), had a very long conversation with a friend of mine about writing. She is in a graduate program and just received some troubling news about her thesis following a paper review that left her in a state of devastation, and–having been in that situation before–I was there to lend a shoulder, pass some tissues, and give some advice.

My advice to her, as I will now share with you all, is to watch the video embedded below titled “The Craft of Writing Effectively” from the University of  Chicago’s Social Sciences YouTube Channel.

As many of you reading this blog are also content creators (this is a blogging platform, after all), I realized that this video more than qualifies to be featured as a recommended watch here at TheAnimeView.

For some context, this video is about writing in general, albeit focused on writing in academia. It’s how I came across the video in the first place–way back when I was an undergrad and looking for advice to improve my papers. And, in watching it, I can confidently say that it changed how I wrote papers entirely. I took the advice given, implemented it, and found immediate improvement. It’s not on formatting, grammar, or the structure of a good essay–it’s on the content of writing in general, whether it be in an essay or an article, or even a blog post.

As an editor, I’ve referred many clients to this video as they write proposals for books. As a Teaching Assistant (and now as an Embedded Tutor), I’ve referred it to colleagues and referenced it in lectures. I’ve sent it to friends and insist that of the hundreds of books, articles, and videos I’ve consumed on the topic of writing (pay in mind I have degrees in literature and creative writing, as well as a certification in publishing), this is the best video for rethinking how you need to focus your content to create anything for an audience.

The video is about an hour and a half long. It’s not very high energy, but it is incredibly interesting for anyone aspiring to become, or who already is, a content creator or academic. 

With that said, I wish you all well. See you again when I return from my hiatus (or, you know, if I get the urge to write something along the way like just now). 

Title: LEADERSHIP LAB: The Craft of Writing Effectively
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtIzMaLkCaM&ab_channel=UChicagoSocialSciences

Happy Writing, Everyone!

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