Recommendations for a Long Home-Stay

Hey–anyone else feeling crazy over quarantine yet? Here are some recommendations for (long) reads to help pass the time: Ouran High School Host Club, available on Amazon If you thought I was going to put Fruits Basket at the top or anywhere on the list, I am sorry to inform you that you are wrong. I LOVE Fruits Basket, but right now everyone is recommending … Continue reading Recommendations for a Long Home-Stay

Side Note for Light & Shadow Series

A lingering question I have following the series… I wonder why no one considered Edna to be a bastard child or hidden daughter of King Ducaine. I mean, the story was easily set up for the possibility of Edna being viewed as a lost twin to Edan when a few characters recognize her as identical to “Prince Edan,” like Kain and McFadden never reach this … Continue reading Side Note for Light & Shadow Series

Light & Shadow: Defining Nobility

Summary: Light & Shadow is about a princess whose kingdom has fallen. Princess Edna, raised as Prince Edan, kept her gender a secret growing up, especially from her father whose rule as king was best known for his cruelty and lack of leadership. She waited for her eventual succession of the throne while growing up, with plans to forever keep her gender a secret and aspirations … Continue reading Light & Shadow: Defining Nobility