Side Note for Light & Shadow Series

A lingering question I have following the series… I wonder why no one considered Edna to be a bastard child or hidden daughter of King Ducaine. I mean, the story was easily set up for the possibility of Edna being viewed as a lost twin to Edan when a few characters recognize her as identical to “Prince Edan,” like Kain and McFadden never reach this idea. Prince Edan was already so hidden that the possibility of a princess/sister might have been believable, particularly if she was taken in as a “bastard daughter” to the formerly loyal-to-King-Ducaine Viscount’s family. Such a question could have been answered the same way Edna was revealed to be Edan in the story (through her fighting), yet no one who noted how similar Edan and Edna looked considered this idea… like, why?

Please, no one say that the Viscount wouldn’t have sent Edna to Duke Eli if he knew, because he probably would have since no one knew what Edna looked like. Moreover, he was no longer loyal to King Ducaine at the time of sending her off and probably could have played stupid, like “I really thought she was my bastard, its how she introduced herself to me…” or something like that. In fact, knowing she was alive, he probably would have wanted to get rid of her and is too much of a coward, I think, to have slain her himself (plus, if she had said she was the former king’s daughter, she might have threatened him into taking her in as he would immediately be seen as a suspect of disloyalty to the new king even if he turned her into the custody of the king). So many plot options and abilities to explain without changing too much of the essence of the story…

Regardless of the Viscount, such a misconception should have at least been made mention of but, as far as I know, was left undeveloped. Too bad…

I think that’s my only real criticism of this series.

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