Quick Reads [Jan. 15 2020]

1.  Elskar/Promise Jewel chapters 1 to 3 – Hmm… We have a group of people dragged from hiding, a mystery as to why the prince/king/royal whatever is looking for a blonde with blue eyes, and more. I’m interested in seeing how this goes.  2. The Abandoned Empress chapters 93 5o 95 – I totally ship Aristia and Allen, even though Allen is definitely hiding something… … Continue reading Quick Reads [Jan. 15 2020]

Theory: The Abandoned Empress & Rejecting Fate

If you haven’t read the series yet, you can read the series for yourself on TappyToons. I would provide a brief summary here but TappyToons’ summary doesn’t do the series justice and when I tried summarizing it myself I was 6 paragraphs in and I hadn’t passed the initial set up… so, please go read it if you haven’t yet because this is an epic story. … Continue reading Theory: The Abandoned Empress & Rejecting Fate