Quick Reads [Jan. 15 2020]

1.  Elskar/Promise Jewel chapters 1 to 3 – Hmm… We have a group of people dragged from hiding, a mystery as to why the prince/king/royal whatever is looking for a blonde with blue eyes, and more. I’m interested in seeing how this goes. 

2. The Abandoned Empress chapters 93 5o 95 – I totally ship Aristia and Allen, even though Allen is definitely hiding something… Either way–the plot thickens! 

3. Decent of the Demonic Master chapter 27 – ᕕ( °0°)ᕗ Oooooooh! It’s about to go down!

4. The Reincarnated Princess Strikes Down Flags Today as Well chapter 11 – I know this was some declaration of love, but it just felt like filler to me… Idk. 

5. Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita chapters 6 to 7 – I’m still trying to figure out the chicken god’s role in this… meanwhile, these vampires have no idea that Luck’s still alive!

6. Cursed Princess Club chapters 21 to 29 – Okay, again–every character in this masterpiece is gold:


^ It’s so good. 😂10/10 Must Read!! Also, totally turn on the music. It’s super light-hearted and just brings the mood together… well, at least until the very end panel of S1, chapter 29 when the music got hella dark with the image of a broken mirror that might be legit terrifying given how fun the series has been so far… I’ll be reading more tomorrow, hopefully it goes back to the upbeat story it’s had so far. 

7. Weak Hero chapters 10 to 34 on Webtoons – That ending of the last chapter up right now… Oh. My. Lord. When you see Gray just appear behind him–It’s going down. It’s all going down! OH MAN. 

8. Phantom Paradise chapter 13 on Webtoons – I hate to write it, but I’m kind of burning out on this series. We just saw another glimpse of the past, further back than we already are, which somewhat confusing the timeline for me. Plus, its hard to grasp what the palace hierarchy is. If I compare it to series like Revenge of a Fierce Princess, that I reviewed briefly yesterday in my last quick reads post, in there you come to understand the palace dynamics of the story. Who’s where and why is very quickly explained and the author reminds you in the text. In Phantom Paradise that’s not the case. We’re left to try and figure it out based on, I assume, prior knowledge of various palace lifestyles. Concubines are above Eunuchs, but concubine trainees are not, women are above men, but not if they lack magical power and diety characters, who you might assume to have substantial political sway, are victims to the empress… It’s becoming confusing. I might put a pause on reading further in this series until I have a long weekend to binge-read the series. 

9. Pictures of You by Kibi Yip @kibiyip​ (LINK) – This is a really wholesome story about a witch/non-human woman who takes in an orphan after his village is burned, leaving him as a lone survivor. It’s a literal collection of snapshots from their meeting to the end of his life of their close bond. It’s short, sweet, and well made with, perhaps, a little need for copy editing and revised bubble placement. 10/10 on story!

10. Don’t Hate by Pink_Alien on Webtoons chapters 28 to 32 – LoL. 😂I love that this is basically becoming a wacky adventure to the end of the world.

11. Immortal, Invincible chapters 1 to 12 – This is another cultivation/martial arts-centered comic. I’m still not entirely sure of the setup or the timeline. He’s either 13 years in the future from his death, or in some weird past rebirth with new parents. The first of the two options seems to make the most sense, but every now and then his words make it sound like there are things he knows people will do to him in the future, which doesn’t make as much sense. Maybe this is because of some oracle type cultivation, but it doesn’t seem entirely clear. I’ll keep reading and see. 

12. Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World preview to chapter 10 – I love the setup, even though we’re still missing information, the story has remained active in world-building so I don’t feel like I’m missing out. I also love that this is our MC’s face for like 8 panels as he figures out the math for leveling up:


Hi, All! I’m working through some family things right now so the next few quick reads will be shorter than I’ve been doing over the last few days. Thank you for understanding–I hope to be back up to 20 reads by next week!

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