1. We’re switching to a WordPress website and therefore our custom domain, is currently unavailable. We’ll have it back up soon! 2. It’s that time of year again–Summer! Which means we’re going to a bunch of conventions/conferences and bringing you a bunch of notes! We know, the academic notes we take are not our biggest selling point but its fun for us so… we’re … Continue reading Announcements~

Happy New Year! – WE GOT UPDATES

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Update – Sorry for the missing post!

Jenna is working on video stuff with Peggy; Casea is working on her next post (woohoo!); and Peggy is mostly out for the next week or so to work on graduate school stuff and videos with Jenna.  Regularly scheduled posting is coming back soon! We hope this Saturday since we promised to be back last week–but more than likely it will be next Saturday when … Continue reading Update – Sorry for the missing post!