Happy Christmas! – Letter from the Editor


It has been a long year! It has also been an exciting one. While looking back, I was kind of thrown by how much we missed earlier this year and how much we kicked out after the start of June. 

I mean, we went on hiatus to record videos for almost six months at the start of the year (video work that all ended up down the drain and will have to be started over thanks to a damaged external hard drive 🥲). And when June rolled around our notes-posts skyrocketed as they tend to do during the Summer with Casea and I popping posts out like mad after we began mini-writer retreats. 

We lost a member of the team–and, to clarify, they just started pursuing a new career in the culinary arts. (Shout out to Jenna who has volunteered to continue helping us with videos once I get over the trauma of losing so much work.) We also gained an anonymous contribution or two. 

Outside the blog, Casea (@coffeewithkrow​) has moved, come out as non-binary, and begun a serious look at continuing their education. (While also becoming a much more active writer here at @theanimeview!)

And, me (@pswediting​)? Well, I started as a part-time writer with CBR in addition to this blog, had an emergency appendectomy at the end of October, and started working on an animation certification in the Fall semester. So, it’s been a busy time for me thus far.

Life right now is kind of a mixed bag of good and bad, but the holiday season has really lifted the spirit of things. It’s been a really good close to the year and I look forward to what comes next. 

Next week, of course, is our goal-post for the new year. A New Year’s Resolution of items we hope to achieve here at The Anime View and, maybe, a reflection of what we didn’t get to last year. With that, I put a close on posts for TAV until 2021. 

Happy Christmas – Happy New Year – & See you soon!


Peggy Sue Wood

Editor, The Anime View

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