I rewatched a few Yu-Gi-Oh episodes recently and…

I was reminded of what happens in the Doma the Dark Organization Arc based on the interactions Yugi has with his friends.  

I love that particular arc because of how some of the characters react when Yugi’s soul is gone. Like, until then they only sort-of believed that Yami was another person with a different soul, but also not really, more like they thought he was a split personality that they just sort of… liked enough to not worry about. It isn’t until after Yugi’s soul is taken that they get this huge wake-up call because Yami is still there when everyone else goes comatose after losing and Yugi’s personality doesn’t reappear at all with Yami.

Like, they half-believed it and half-believed that Yami might have been a split-personality. Kiba still doesn’t believe, the other antagonist all believe now though, and so everyone else is like, “Shit… this is real. There’s a pharaoh that’s been possessing our friend’s body all along and we just let him??” 

It’s tragic but also, a little, funny to me because it says a lot to me about faith in the series and the ones that follow. 

In at least three of the Yu-Gi-Oh series (the original, GX, and Zexal), the main characters have a special relationship with an otherworld being of sorts. In the first case with Yugi, its the ghost of an ancient pharaoh, and with the others its a spirit. These particular main characters are likable and soon find themselves with friends but their relationships are never quite as strong as with their respective spirit partners. Moreover, their friends never seem to completely believe in the spirits their friend, the MC, might talk to them about until faced with an undeniable experience with said spirit. 

See, all of the shows talk about believing in the “heart” of cards, but only the main character’s truly seem to embody that and perhaps that is why they are given some “divine” (rather, spirit) guide/partner. 

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