Aggretsuko: An ASAP Must See

Netflix just dropped the Season 2 trailer for Aggretsuko and if you haven’t seen Season 1, it’s time to start watching.

Season 1 hit home with an inside look into the new adult lifestyle. Audiences watched as Retsuko, a 25-year-old, anthropomorphic, red panda progressed through the daily trials and tribulations of a post-school working adult life, and it was real. In a Hello Kitty-esque art style, wrapped up with cute characters and comedic features, there were a lot of moments that felt like chapters pulled from real life experiences including sexism found in the workplace, two-faced behavior of some co-workers, awkward situations, a disappointing love life, and so much more, that made the show worth binge-watching as soon as it was released.

Even before the Netflix original series of Aggretsuko, I was hooked on the Aggressive Retsukoshorts, which you can still find lingering on YouTube and via Google searches if you’re motivated. The Aggressive Retsuko shorts were only a few minutes long with no connected plot, and on average they told of specific instances where Retsuko was involved in something audiences could relate to if they were around the same age as the title character. I was particularly fond of the Season 1, Episode 7 short where Retsuko had trouble removing the price sticker from a vase mainly because, at the time I was watching the series, I held part-time job removing stickers from various items late into the night. The short was funny because she’s slowly driven beyond frustration to the point of raging out over the sticker not coming off. At the same time, it draws attention to the real reason behind Retsuko’s frustration–she’s overworked and exhausted, so little things that take up time, like a sticker not coming off while she’s surrounded by piles of paperwork, are slowly driving her to the point of madness.

The Netflix version has expanded upon the original shorts into an adaption of interconnected plot points and stories that share the core message of what made the shorts so funny and relatable. The message being that life is not perfect, but it will be okay if you keep working through and trying to make things better.

So, if you’re looking for something fun to watch over the weekend, from one new adult to another, check out Aggretsuko available for streaming now on Netflix.

Information about the Show:

  • Creators: Sanrio/Netflix
  • Genre: Comedy, musical, anime
  • Shorts: 2016-present
  • Netflix Original: 2018-present

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