Quick Reads [Jan. 17 2020]

I forgot to post this… whoops:

1. I’m Thinking of Quitting the Villainess’ Entourage chapter 6 – Is Ange, perhaps, our MC’s daughter reincarnated into the otome game? Could that be possible? Because that’s what I’m thinking right now…

2. Reincarnated into an Otome Game? Nah, I’m Too Busy Mastering Magic! chapter 2 – That was handled surprisingly smoothly. Don’t the first minor villains take a chapter or two to show planning before the removal of the first obstacle? Not a criticism, but a note for sure. 

3. Tyrant’s Tears chapter 2 – Really? He’s asking her to drink the wine? He trusts his servant that much, he should give the wine to the servant as a ‘gift’ because it’s probably a high-class wine. I mean, d*mn. This doesn’t make sense. 

4. The Beginning After the End episode 57 – This was a cool way to introduce a new character as well as continue with developing Art’s pre-schooling arc. 

5. The Reincarnation Magician Of The Inferior Eyes chapter 24 – Question: Are we sure he helped defeat the demon king? Because right now he looks like one:


6. Petit Adonis chapters 16 to 17 – I love how cute Petit Adonis is. It reminds me of Isekai Quartet. 

7. The Tyrant’s Whereabouts chapter 15 – Why didn’t you talk about the bandits? I mean, that really was your moment as he realizes he’s been lied to and used. This is one of those “didn’t because plot” type situations, isn’t it. *Sigh.*

8. The Knight and Her Emperor chapters 17 to 20 – Polly is the best! 

9. Weak Hero chapter 35 – OH. MY. LORD. Just, wow. 

10. Modern Wizard Hunting Project chapter 1

11. To be or not to be chapter 12 – no sex–just cuddles. 

12. I Belong to House Castiello chapters 64 to 66 – Okay–I need to write a theory on this. What exactly does it mean to be a Castiello? (Yes, I know Tappytoon spells Castiello with one L but I spell it with 2 Ls, okay?) Also, I keep expecting the mother to come back into this story at some point because that sale did not seem final to me. Also, didn’t she have a grandmother on her mother’s side? Does no one miss her at all? Things I think about constantly while reading…. 

Cursed Princess Club chapters 38 to –

Hunter Black on Lezhin chapter 3 –

Don’t Hate by Pink_Alien on Webtoons chapters 33 to ??

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