Anime Expo Lite (Anime Expo 2020) – Anime Expo Lite Review! By: @madamekrow


Anime Expo Lite Was A First In So Many Ways!

As someone whose only convention experience was one dedicated to rats (an unrelated[?] story for another day), this was like a dream come true. Being able to experience AX from the comfort of my home and being thrust back into this beautiful world of anime and Japanese pop-culture during such bleak times was a much needed respite. Without a doubt, it was super chaotic as the schedule changed regularly while Peggy (@peggyseditorial) and I frantically rerouted our plans. It was definitely a big first-time project to be involved in right as I join this blog. But it’s exactly the push I needed to renew my love of reading manga and the comfort that watching anime can provide. To feel the unbearable anticipation for seeing the new shows they teased, shows I wouldn’t have otherwise known existed, was a treat. Anime Expo Lite allowed me the opportunity to immerse myself back into an old hobby without the anxiety of going to a strange new place packed with strange new people. My wallet was quite relaxed during this experience as well, seeing as I can be quite the impulse buyer! Though, I do love seeing the crazy explosions of bright colors and cute anime girls, it’s like an exciting game of “I Spy” trying to find characters I know and love among all the new series being thrown my way during the different programs hosted at live-versions of events like these. But that is something I can look forward to one day when I actually attend Anime Expo in the future!

My Favourite Parts

  • Seeing all of the manga that will be released throughout 2020 and the start of 2021
  • Learning about all of the different manga reading apps and sites that are available. I’m heavily considering subscribing to one when they are a little bit more developed since they are still quite new.
  • The premiere screening of By The Grace of Gods was such a wholesome and immersive experience that I am so grateful to have been blessed with. I understand the hype now that I’m a part of it.
  • A few of the panels were awkward and disjointed in a humorous and endearing way. The Manga Planet panel was most enjoyable in that regard. It was far more entertaining and relatable than a presentation that’s stiff and strictly professional.
  • I was so excited to see the “Painting The Skies” panel was a last minute addition and it didn’t disappoint! ThatGameCompany is a favourite of mine and their philosophy on creating resonates with me as much as their games do.
  • The concert that wrapped everything up felt like the perfect, celebratory ending to Anime Expo Lite!
  • Though all of the fun I had can be credited to hanging out with my best friend while taking notes for this blog! This whole experience was a bright spot for me this week.

On a Personal Note

When it comes to having agency over my life, I’m usually stagnant. I need more than a push–I need brute force to get me to commit to the things I love, otherwise I just allow them to slip through my fingers. Friendships, passions, hobbies, opportunities, everything. Anime and manga floated away from the grasp of my comfort zone and I let it happen. But Peggy, being the force of nature that she is, inspires me to do the things I love and to be unapologetic about reaching for more in life. Just as it was back in high school when we started the Anime Club together, I’m happy to be trotting next to Peggy as she blazes through her path. While at the same time, she graciously encourages me to continue walking mine.

Which is to say, I really look forward to writing more for you all in the future as a member of The Anime View’s writing team and getting to work with my friends, both new and old!

In Conclusion

I think this is a convention experience everyone who attended will remember, considering the circumstances. However, I’ll remember it as my first con and a small, sheltered glimmer as to what I can expect when attending one in person. Sure, I won’t be able to see nearly as many panels as I did and I won’t be able to wear my pajamas without feeling socially conscious (or maybe I will as Peggy tells me people are free to run around in Pikachu-Onesies), but that’s a small price to pay compared to the plushies and figurines I’ll be buying! Most importantly, to be doing it all with my best friend. My equally spend-happy, best friend.

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