Chapter 77: Who Made Me a Princess – WHAT?! Let’s Discuss the World Tree and Lucas

Alright. There are so many things going on right now with Athanasia that I don’t even know where to begin–particularly with her magic. 

Lucas (who is, it appears, coming to terms with his growing crush on Athanasia or at least interest beyond the surface level) has brought to our attention that something becomes shattered about Athanasia’s mana when she starts thinking about her past life and novel post-awakening of her powers. 

We also see Lucas comment after one of her fake-coins explodes (which we can assume is a regular occurance for her) that she “must take after her father,” which means what?! Like, is Claude’s magic just naturally explosive? Because we do see some of it and it is certainly… powerful? popping? I guess explosive though it seemed more like a tempest to me, but who knows. 

THEN we see Lucas sprouting what looks to be a piece of the World Tree from his hand which makes me wonder–is Lucas gaining his long life from using (okay, abusing) the World Tree? 


Because I thought that maybe enough magical power allows you to appear young and given Lucas’ magical strength maybe he was just immortal or making himself close to being so through magic but now I wonder if it has to do with the World Tree (as in going to the tree does more than just refilling lost powers). 

Does anyone else have an ideas? Let me know what you all think!

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