(Analysis) Random Art Appreciation!

By: Peggy Sue Wood | @peggyseditorial

I’m late– okay? I’m sorry. I hit some bad writer’s block this week when I found out the PhD program I’ve been preparing an application for all summer has decided to skip any accepting applicants until 2021. So after wallowing for a week I decided to write a random short post and aim for something longer next week. (Be on the look-out Tuesday though for one of Casea Mhtar’s posts, @madamekrow​!)

I’ve written this before, and will do so again I am sure… BUT I love matching outfits in comic/manga media. I LOVE THEM, okay? Because they represent so much. I discussed this previously in my analysis “Beware of the Brothers! – The Twins That Aren’t Twins Analysis,” where in I was focused on the idea of twinning through clothes. But there are also, of course, the matching of couple clothes to discuss! Complementary and full on matching–all are loved in my mind and, for the first time in FOREVER, I saw one in a comic that featured as same-sex couple in complementary colors. 


Behold the above image featuring the main characters of Smurf’s World. Is the read interesting? Not really. If you’re a fan of the slow-burn type series than sure, but this romance is awkward for me and not well-written (although maybe it’s more of a translation issue, who knows?). Regardless, I appreciate that the first time we see them in a public, formal setting together as a outed couple the artist/author features them in a complementary pair of suits. 

Don’t see the complementary look I’m talking about? No worries. I’ll explain: The main colors here are blue, black, white, and light beige-grays. The dark black accenting the blue suit is complementing the wearer’s slightly warmer color scheme as well as drawing attention to his black hair. The blue suit contrast the wearer’s gold eye color, making them pop. His partner has a lighter hair color that is brown, not black–his skin tone is also pale with pale brown eyes that are complemented by the beige-gray tones in his suit. The blue tie matches his partner’s color scheme and the gold clip upon said tie stands out with the only other gold we see featured (in his partner’s eyes). 

Matching their personalities too, on the right we see a narrow notch suite–a conservative look that matches out the timidness of this particular character. Meanwhile, on the left we see out other mc in a Wide Peak jacket, meant to match his bold nature. 

The outfits are complementary to each other and to their wearers. It’s a fantastic example of design in my opinion as it tells us a lot about the couple’s personalities and relationship in a single image. Fitting also since they’ll be in public space, and meeting many new-faces at this event. 

Seriously, it’s something I appreciate!

With that, I close for today. I’ll aim for something longer next Saturday. Thanks in the meantime for sticking with me. 

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