Naruto Rant:

I finally decided to pick up Naruto again and more and more I think that the 3rd Hokage and village as a whole just screwed Naruto’s life up more and more. They didn’t tell him about his parents, they treated him like dirt despite him playing a vital role literally from birth in protecting the village. No one really raised him, explaining why so much of his life is him trying to work things out on his own–usually in a way that seems counter productive (because literally no one teaches him). The people that are nice to him do so in a limited fashion like taking him out to eat every now and then (only to sometimes leave him with the bill). I MEAN, GOOD LORD THE TRAUMA. The whole darn village is LUCKY Naruto turned out the way he did after how he was “raised.” He became Hokage and a loving father/husband/friend and it was in NO WAY thanks to the village. It was only thanks to his friends, a few okay-ish teachers, and sheer freaking will that he staid a good person. 

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