Sorry, y’all. I was sick all weekend, part of the previous week, and through today thus missing my usual Saturday post. 

I often tell you guys on the day of or before if the post is or will be missing but failed to do so. In its place, I’ve decided to share with you some behind the scenes that went down…

ANIME RANTS (because who doesn’t do that once or twice a week?)

I ranted about Beastars and Kemono Jihen last week. 

Kemono Jihen gave me the disturbed realization that I was seeing size appropriate and at-age looking tween and teens but took a while to tell because most anime has 14 year olds looking like either 20-somethings or babies. I had to rant about that for a few minutes. 

Meanwhile, I finally broke down and Googled who murdered Tem [SPOILERS] it’s the F***ING BEAR?! Are you kidding me?? I thought it was that Tiger. ARGH! Bear?! He doesn’t even have a memorable speaking role in Season 1!!!!


Ahem. Maybe the anime will be different? Moving on…

Casea, our resident Magical Girl and Slice-of-Life lover, was ranting about  Mother’s Basement Winter 2021 “What to Watch” video because he claimed that Jobless Reincarnation was less creepy than By the Grace of the Gods. To give you an idea of why that’s wrong in our opinion, in the first two episodes of Jobless Reincarnation, the MC is seen masturbating prior to reincarnating, the parents have sex, and the MC–a reincarnated baby–fetishizes breastfeeding and puts women’s underwear over his head, in addition to several other weirdly sexualized moments. Does it have a cool look at how magic works in the world? Sure. But in no way does magic feel like the real focus of this anime given the overt sexualization of characters and scenes. Comparing that to By the Grace of the Gods, in which MC doesn’t seem to have any feelings beyond friendship for the eleven year old girl Geoff Thew mentions. There was a full 30+ minutes of this rant and it was hilarious but those are the main points.


Being laid up this week I did several things–I restructured my whole Animal Crossing Island and watched a LOT of anime. 

For example, I have now seen every episode of My Hero Academia now, along with all the movies and OVAs/Specials. I was falling behind and thought I might as well start over. 

I finished Demon Slayer–a series I had to pause during the spider madness because I’m severely arachnophobic. Thankfully I remembered I could just not look at the screen while it plays. Did I miss stuff? Maybe–but at least there were no panic attacks to be had which is more important to me at the moment.

Keeping up with the weekly ones as you may have guessed–Horimiya, Beastars, Kemono Jihen, Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken 2, So I’m a Spider, etc. (I’ll probably post about each of them individually at some point so you’ll all know eventually what’s being watched).   


I tend to read a lot of anime/manga news but didn’t do much of any reading this week so my only thing to note new-wise is that MAL is hosting a world premier for Santa Company: Manatsu no Merry Christmas. You can read more about it here: 

That’s all folks–see you next Saturday (I think)!


Peggy Wood | @peggyseditorial

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