AnimeNEXT – Recommended Watch/Read: The TRUE & SECRET History of Shounen Action Manga!


By: Peggy Sue Wood | @pswediting

About the Event

George Horvath, the panel host, runs the blog, “The Land of Obscusion” where he talks about obscure and forgotten anime. Link: (< Definitely worth checking out!)

This panel was actually seen at Crunchyroll’s 2020 convention in addition to this year’s AnimeNEXT. You can watch the whole panel as well as read the author’s blog post about the subject/panel here: 

If you just want to watch the panel itself, you can watch it here: 

Why Watch

Horvath does such a great job of explaining and using visuals that I’d hate to take away from the experience. It helps define the foundations of the shounen genre. Taking notes doesn’t necessarily make sense given how we define a panel as worthy of note-taking here at The Anime View. You don’t really need to understand shounen foundations to enjoy anime or understand someone’s review of the subject (at least, most of the time), but I can’t not recommended it just because it’s not needed (wow that’s a lot of negatives!). It’s a fun watch. For that reason, I highly recommend watching or listening to the panel if you are interested in the history of anime/manga. That said, no notes were needed here!

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