Recommended Watch: WonderCon@Home 2021 – The Writers Coffeehouse at WonderCon


By: Peggy Sue Wood | @pswediting

About the Event

Panel Description: Led by New York Times bestselling author Peter Clines (Threshold series), this session focuses on the business of prose writing and publishing. The Writers Coffeehouse is a bunch of writers—in this case, it’s Sarah Kuhn (Heroine Complex series), Stephen Blackmoore (@sblackmoore), Fonda Lee (, and Greg van Eekhout (@gregvaneekhout)—sitting around talking about writing. No agendas, no requirements—just chat about the process, about pitching and selling, about conquering frustration and defeating writer’s block, and about all of the good things that come from the community of writers. It’s open to everyone—from absolute beginners to award-winners and bestsellers.


Why Watch

I’ve attended a number of Writers Coffeehouse meetings in person, both at the LA based Chapter and at the San Diego Chapter (you can check out some of my previous notes on the meetings here: LINK), but this time I didn’t find anything to make a note of for our blog here. 

The meetings are typically broken into two portions, a writing side and a business side–and that was true of this recorded one too. However, this was more of a Q & A session than a lesson in writing or publishing. It’s definitely worth a playthrough as you can get the different perspectives and insight of industry professionals. It’s not a “MUST SEE” to learn something new about writing or publishing, but it’s still pretty good to listen to on a long drive or if you have an hour or so. 

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