Happy New Year!

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Where we’re at:

It is officially 2022! Not to jinx us all, but 🤞🤞that this year isn’t a continuation of the you-know-what that’s been going on for the last two years (I guess it will officially be 2 years by March).

Last week’s post did a run-down of some things that happened last year and this week hasn’t changed that so “where we’re at” is basically readable here. <LINK “here” DEC 25 POST>

This week, Casea and I are going to let you know what our goals are for the blog/personally.

Peggy’s Goals:

I think that, for a short while, I will be doing more posts on Japanese language and culture in the coming year (or, at least, this season). This is, partially, because I am re-going over the language from the basics as preparation for the language requirements in some Ph.D. programs I am looking at, but also because I’m going to be taking a Japanese culture class during my animation certification program. Being able to take notes on it and prepare those notes for a publication will really help me solidify the information in my mind and is something I’m interested in doing for this blog.

Realistically, I also think I will be cutting down on long review or analyses posts over the course of this year. I’ll still attempt to do weekly posts, but given my course schedule and work–I just don’t know if I can keep up with kicking out as much content as I have while still balancing a healthy work/life balance in the beginning months of 2022. However, depending on how the year goes, that may change (my goal will be more, not less–but you never know).

Essentially, you’ll probably be seeing a lot of notes posts and recommended watches coming from me for now and through the Summer rather than a lot of full-blown reviews or analyses while I get used to the growing course load of my program.

Additionally, something I’ve been saying all through the pandemic, but haven’t really focused on in the last year is me seriously getting to work of PhD prep. This means I’ll need to devote more of my writing time to academic papers than anime/manga blog posts. I’ll probably be posting more to my primary personal blog at @pswediting. There, I will likely post reviews of what I’m reading, notes, updates on the Lit Specific GRE database I’m building (https://www.litgrad.com/), and the like. If you are interested in that, I recommend checking it out.  

I hope you all will stick with me/us while this is going on as you have for the last year(s). I sincerely appreciate you all for your patience thus far and, if you’re interested, I’d be happy to share some things I’m learning from my program for those interested. Happy New Year!


Peggy Wood

Casea’s Goals:

As someone who struggles with setting and fulfilling goals, I put very little weight into New Year’s resolutions. New Year’s as a whole tends to be rather difficult for me as it causes a lot of dreadful thoughts and feelings. So, to put it bluntly (and much to Peggy’s feigned dismay), I don’t have much to add. I’m simply relieved to have a loving and accepting support system, while I also fully intend on going back into therapy very soon next year.

I hope you all make it through the winter okay, and take care of yourselves.

Best Regards,

Casea Smith

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