Happy International Animation Day!

This celebratory day was first created in 2002 and celebrates 20 years today! In celebration of the day, I tend to host a small watch party with friends for different independent works that each of us has enjoyed, and this year is no different! Later today, I’ll be binging Season 1 of Metal Family (and a few other favorites) on a Zoom call with friends. It’s a great way to share what we have liked over the last year with a new audience and support the creators who make the rich worlds we’re watching.

YouTube has seemly done the same by creating a playlist of animatics to watch, and that makes me say/write that I hope you all will share your favorite animatics or cartoons by recommending some to us! I mentioned it before, but I’ll recommend Metal Family to you all. It started in 2018 and continues to release episodes. If you haven’t seen it and are not sure it is for you, I recommend checking out their wiki page first.

And, if that’s not to your taste, I recommend StoryCorps’ animated videos. StoryCorps is an organization that is setting out to record and archive the stories of real people and their lives. It is one of the most wholesome and wonderful collections of stories I’ve come across online, and worth exploring. If you enjoy listening to Reddit drama that has a happy ending, then I think you’ll probably like these stories too!

Happy Friday, Y’all!

– Peggy | @pswediting

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