Blog Update

Hello, Everyone!

We appreciate your patience during the last few months and at this time, as things have been delayed through the latter half of this year. Many changes behind the scenes have been occurring and notifying you all, our readers, has not always been at the forefront while things are going on (though we’ve tried to be on top of it!).

As an editorial change, we’re switching schedules around to have a more consistent output in the next year. Until the end of the year, which is only a few weeks away, and through January, blog posts will be published without any set schedule. We are also considering changes to how we publish and what we produce.

In the meantime, we will definitely be working on getting out the posts we wanted to publish this year but missed due to life changes. However–if not much is published in the next 6-weeks–we hope you all can understand. The holidays are a busy season, but we’ll try!

Thank you!

– TAV Editorial Team

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