[Recommended Watch] UN-GO: A Missed Series

Source: https://www.themoviedb.org/tv/42142-un-go

By: Peggy Sue Wood | @pswediting

Years ago, when I first watched UN-GO, I thought for sure this series would hit BIG. If not that year, maybe a year or two down the line as people had more time to catch up on it. However, after a decade of seemingly no coverage, I can’t help but want to shed light on this missed opportunity of a potential fan-favorite. 

About 11 years ago, I watched UN-GO for the first time. It was an outlier to my usual line-up of romances and action works at the time, as this one followed a detective that investigated crimes using a supernatural partner. 

Far from the average ‘person goes on mystery adventure with supernatural support,’ this particular series covered a number of topics and philosophies that made me interested to know where the story would lead. I had, at this point, watched a few shows within the realm of mystery; xxxHolic, for example, Ghost Hunt and Zombie-Loan, to name a few. However, UN-GO stood out as something special. 

I’ve heard that it is based on the Japanese novelist Ango Sakaguchi’s work, specifically the novel Meiji Kaika Ango Torimono-chō. Sakaguchi was a prominent writer post-WWII, and I feel like the UN-GO series highlights the existentialism, identity crisis, and aimlessness sometimes, and maybe often, seen in post-war work that came out of Japan. Perhaps this is what stood out most as we follow a character who needs to understand how things have come to be as they are in the dystopian setting of the work–regardless of whether or not the truth is revealed to the wider public. 

As we head into the New Year, I plan to re-watch this series again, since it is a favorite of mine. In every watch-through, I notice things that I missed and find myself questioning conclusions I had made in viewings before. All this to say that, if you haven’t already, I highly recommend checking out UN-GO. It holds up in intrigue and story to this day, with a fantastic ending song that frequents my playlists still. 

It used to be on Crunchyroll, and sometimes comes back onto the service but is currently available on Apple TV. Definitely watch the season before watching the OVA, or you will probably be confused by the prequel’s storyline.

10/10 Recommended!

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