Quick Reads [Jan. 9 2020, P.1]

Hey all! I just had a great (3 AM) idea–I’ll start sharing my current reads with quick response! That will help me keep track of where I am in a series and you all can see what’s up. Here’s the first:

1. Chapter 1 of Interview with a Murderer, by KJK on Tapas/Tapastic – Looks pretty interesting. I’ll probably finish reading it today. What caught my interest was the title (reminded me of an interview with a vampire) and the summary. I love crime shows and this seems to be up my ally. The end of the first chapter didn’t really hook me, so I don’t really feel any pressure to read the whole thing right now, but that opening. Wow. Dark. Since it has 50 chapters out, that means the author is committed to publishing. The way it opens, the scene blow, plus the readership tells me that the series is probably going to be a good read. The art feels cinematic to me, for example, the panels below play out like a movie scene. The cop has a dramatic pause where he looks away, contrasting the reports quick cut back to business from the officer’s friendly “poke” at the reporter’s luck… Again, looks good so I’ll give it a chance.


2. The latest chapter of Kumo desu ga, nani ka? (ch. 41) I’m still terrified of spiders–but how can you not love this story? I’m pretty excited to see the conclusion of this fight our MC is having with her murderous, monster mom!


3. Chapter 20 of On The Emperor’s Lap by Yujeong Ju, Miran Lee, & USOI on Tappytoons – Kiris went from a mysterious dark figure from Bella’s past to a love-struck dork in one line to me:

Also, yes. Tell Kiris the Azar known as “Red” is Bella my dude. Please. I need to see the reactions ;_;


And those are my reads/reviews from the last 40 minutes. More later today 🙂


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