Quick Reads [Jan. 9 2020, P.2]

4. Where the Dragon’s Rain Falls by SUMMER on Tappytoons – Like damn. Ch 69 came out, and I know I want to write about my theory that Suu is probably the fallen prince from the neighboring empire, but I still don’t have proof other than that Saharah, the dragon, likes Suu. And I know they’re trying to push the evil, manipulative consort story, but I’m just not that invested in it. Because we have an actual dragon in the A plot and vague IDK-what going down in the B plot so far. I hope both get more information soon because I NEED TO KNOW MORE ABOUT SUU ❤


5. Entangled with the Duke chapter 112 – Super short chapter and all about that plot ❤ My Fav. I suspect the next chapter will focus on their romance. The last ten updates have been sort of like that–one chapter is plot, the next is romance, plot, then romance, and so on and so forth. It definitely is helping to speed up the story, but I kind of hope for the romance to MANGATOON. 

6. A Capable Maid chapter 22 – Marie’s reaction to feeling awkward is something I feel on a deeply emotional level. Also, the prince is closing in our princess. I’m ready for the love story to start y’all!


7. The Sign of Abyss chapter 37 – It’s about to throw down between Jold and Judas. I mean, obviously, Jold will win but I can hardly wait for the action after all this setup! I feel that we’ll probably reach an end soon unless they temporarily rescue meme and Judas escapes. If that happens though I’m not totally sure what they’re story would be. Right now its sort of cut down to the epic showdown of the two brothers, the clean up of Judas’ attack, and the redemption of Jold in the public eye (and bringing back the village from the void)… But if Judas lives and escapes I wonder if this will continue as the journey story it is now….

8. Amina of the Lamp chapters 3 to 10 – The story is really starting to form now–we’ve been introduced to the main character, his political adversary/antagonist and we have a better understanding of Amina’s new place in the world. I think the third wish will be for Amina to stay with him as it feels like a building romance story is upon us. Overall, looking forward to more. 

9. Adelaide chapter 62 is available on Tappytoon – two things to note in this chapter, first is the art. It feels like the artist really has a handle on expressions. If you look below, Adelaide (left) and Marie (right) in the left picture have expressions of relief and affection. Adelaide is relieved Marie is safe, and Marie is unsure but clearly affectionate in some way towards Adelaide (as in, she doesn’t know what is going on, but seeing Adelaide’s smile is enough to cause a blush). In the right shot, Adelaide has shifted to serious and informative while Marie is very clearly shocked and horrified. Great expressions–however, how we get there is a bit lacking in transition. The two shots are separated by dialogue and don’t really show the characters transitioning expressions or movement from A to B which makes the conversation feel choppy even though the dialogue isn’t. 


Second, relating to the first note, Adelaide is beginning to do this thing where the action happens “off-screen,” like this note about the high priest at the end. That could become an issue storytelling wise as it continues because it’s a definite shift in the core of how the story has been told visually so far. 

10. The Descent of the Demonic Master chapter 26 – You know what? Every time I read a cultivation story I always think “this time I’ll understand how the level-things are named” and every time, I am very wrong… ; _ ; Cool swords thou.


11. Yeon Lok Heun chapter 18 – Will Yeon ever reveal her gender? Or has she already? Sometimes the translations reveal that she’s a girl but then characters still don’t know until later and I’ve seen that in other works too. It’s food for thought, in any case. Loving the story so far as it’s moving pretty fast + the art really adds to the storytelling. I think since the artist included at least one funny moment that there should have been one or two more comedic images or expressions similar to when Yeon looks surprised at the Emporer’s promotion for her. The reason for that is simply that the art was telling something entirely different up to and after that point. Before that moment, the art follows other’s thoughts on Yeon from a social-political viewpoint. The minister in greedy anger from having the promotion given away when he had plans to take it for his son–the empress who is jealous that the Emperor is giving affection to Yeon when she has tried so hard to gain it for herself–and the emperor who is trying to feel out whether or not Yeon is the same straightforward person he knew before. After the funny chibi expression of Yeon, the art returns to that more emotional moment, looking at things from Yeon and the Emperor’s points of view in a very emotional set up shown via the overlap of past events with the present. 


12. Oukoku no Ko chapter 1 – Gorgeous art. The table of contents looked like something out of Thumbelina and I really like that (image below). I was really just looking for the panel describing the different ways King Henry’s wives passed away for a possible analysis, but after re-reading it I decided I didn’t need the panel. Still love the dresses though <3.


13. A False Confession chapter 4 – Just talking about a want for money. Nothing wrong with that lol.

14. Bring the Love first chapter/preview? – Looking forward to reading the first few chapters, but not much to say plot-wise regarding this preview other than that it looks cliched (but its the kind of cliche I like if that makes sense?). 

15. Tyrant’s Tear’s preview – Um… okay. It clearly has a fanbase so I’m going to give it a chance but I feel the need to comment on art. Faces look great, as do the patterns, but those proportions and body movements are not looking so good. The MC has her hand bent back in a weird way in one of the images with her and the love tyrant interest, and he has a hand that’s basically consuming her head in the same image. Like, as in he has a vintage yaoi hand kind of big. 

16. Gokufuri Kyohi Shite Tesaguri Sutato! Toku-ka Shinai Hira, Nakama to Wakarete Tabi ni Deru, chapter 1 – Really looking forward to how this continues. The opening was unique, showing collections of guild/groups from the game(s) who are about to enter a new world. It moved pretty quickly while I was reading, but felt slower as the mystery of what is going on is heavily brought into question. When the “god” character of this story said “This should be entertaining,” the tension felt real. There wasn’t a lot of fan service made out of the images including women and their wasn’t a girl obsessed with our fairly average young man so this stands out to me storywise. 

17. Rebirth (by 69Michi) – Finished reading up to chapter 30. It’s got an interesting premise for the apocalypse, some good art too but it’s not really to my tastes. Probably good recommendation if you are a fan of apocalyptic stories. Also, I understand the father is trying to reconnect with his son, but… the story just doesn’t fit to me yet. I’ll probably try again in 6 months to a year and see how I feel about it. (Side note: In my experience, sometimes life can totally change the genre you read and enjoy. I used to HATE romance, and now it’s one of my primary genres of choice. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ )

18. The reincarnated villainess just wants… by EmmyTran, #1 – The first chapter ends where the new life starts (at birth) which is generally the first few minutes of an anime/manga like Knights & Magic. I’m not totally convinced that it stands out from the rest yet and I’m a little concerned by how closely it reminds me of Knights & Magic but everything deserves a chance. So, this is me. Giving it a chance. 

Well, that was all I could get to today. Usually, I can read 20 or so series/updates but I had some errands to run and spent some quality time catching up with my friend who’s across the country now. More tomorrow maybe? It will have to be before I go to C3 (the Comic Creator Conference) though. I’ll take notes and share them on my @peggyseditorial​ blog and here if you all are interested. Also–don’t forget to follow me on twitter, please! (If you make it this far down the post that is.) You’ll get a notification of my posts on their as well as chances to suggest topics, vote on what’s coming next, and more! Thanks <3. 


What else I had planned to read: 

1. Pheonix Nirvana chapter 88 

2. Emperor’s Evil Wife chapters 41 to 47 

3. LUMINE chapters 58 to 91 – Paused on reading this to wait for more chapters for a binge-read and now that there are a little over 30 chapters I can really do that. 

4. Miss Abbott and the Doctor chapter 41+ – When there was a hiatus at chapter 40 I paused and didn’t check back in until now that there are over 100 chapters. I LOVE the art of this series because it feels like I could draw it too since its all penciled. Excited to be catching up on this beloved series!


1. Rebirth (by 69Michi) – Now that I’ve given it a 30 chapter chance and I’m still not into it, I’ll give it up for a bit and try again later. 

Some stories I’m considering reading tomorrow in addition to the above:  

1. Mookhyang Dark Lady

2. Iris: The Lady and Her Smartphone by SWAN, YOON HYE – I’ve read first 10 chapters, but I never fell in love with the art or story. It moves slow and the premise thus far feels… idk, lazy-ish? I was almost expecting a comedy given the last isekai smartphone series that became popular (you know the one, In Another World With My Smartphone), with our leading lady slaying problems via the magic of the internet. Instead, I’ve mostly seen Iris defining a good number of enemies to track with the mastermind feeling benign even though they’re not. Now that there are 40+ chapters out, I’m hoping to re-read it and find a better appreciation for it. Maybe even come up with a theory or two 😉

3. Suggest your own favorites to me on twitter, @peggyseditorial

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